Out of Place


feel I don’t belong sometimes

and sometimes at night I’ll reflect and cry

Other times I feel connected

and it happens often when I don’t try

It’s important to me

I am not going to fixate on why

there’s something missing

from me being my “I”

It’s that sense of belonging

and so I go, continuing to try.


9 thoughts on “Out of Place

    1. I wonder about that too. I do crave a sense of belonging yet at the same time, I quite simply need time to myself. Like many things in life, I guess it’s about understanding and then finding that balance. Love, Harlon


  1. Being mostly an introvert by nature, I wonder if that is a component of feeling like we don’t belong sometimes. It’s interesting that feeling connected happens often when you don’t try. I’ve had that experience, too. I think it has something to do with not caring quite so much and being able to relax. Hugs to you, my friend.

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    1. Thank you JoAnna, it’s cool that you should close on the power of being able to relax. Quite often my postings turn into learning experiences for myself and what I was feeling after this post, and in fact a lot lately in my life as I explore change, it just to relax. I can do this, don’t overthink it because I can do most of this on auto-pilot. Relaxing and perhaps some confidence – a nice combo platter. Hugs, Harlon

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