Permission To Dream


I am thinking about making things happen and I am making them happen. There’s a buildup of energy inside of me. There is energy that needs to be released.

My inner voice steps in and talks because I am not OKAY inside and the inner voice talking releases that energy as it narrates my world.

My inner voice is like the diva with the microphone that keeps on talking. Then I come along, the me that observes and acts and I say to the inner voice “just try to find a common ground, a place for me to rest”.

Then the voice starts yelling at the voice. The inner voice says “one is this and the other isn’t.”

As I examine the differences between my experiences with the outside world and my interactions with my mental world, it feels like I am living two different lives, but the inner world is an alternative environment and I can get It under my control.

My life feels like a patchwork and none of the pieces are connected.  But I did create them.

There are things now that I want to do. I can create a sense of flow and that has been missing, it’s what I want, but it’s being overshadowed by you-know-who.

The inner voice continues but I have given myself permission to dream.

I look in the mirror and the mirror allow me to see myself from different angles. That is me that I see and I know who I am. I just got distracted.


16 thoughts on “Permission To Dream

  1. Har, in a place of observance one can serve our true self…connecting what is from what is not with clarity and freedom. Please note, this may also pull or spill forth energy untapped. Knowing your self is not for anyone else but you. Being connect to others or even blessed by one person to understand and build a special bond are gifts deserving and welcomed. Opening ourselves is the key yet remaining so, is the challenge – relax and soften the heart, it gets easier.

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  2. Ah! Harlon!!
    “My life feels like a patchwork and none of the pieces are connected. But I did create them.”
    This just might be one of my favorite lines EVER!!! It speaks to a life that has been created in pieces…and then there comes the time and place where the dots start to connect and the patches not only get sewn together, but the get quilted over in the same thread which connects EVERYTHING!!!
    Yes, now that I have read this I can turn off my brain after watching the debate, and turn on my heart and let all the pieces connect exactly the way they are meant to!!! Much love to you ♡♡

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    • Dear Lorrie, I really adore what you are able to pick out of my postings – it really is very empowering. Yes, and I think we had a bit of dialogue about change – and I like how you elevated my post so that change turns from chaos to thoughtful connections. Yes, I do feel that I am connecting the patches of the life I have created. I think the thread which connects everything may have a lot to do with my values.
      Perhaps why this feels more challenging than liberating is that my values seem out of synch with what I see outside of myself. I think my mantras ought to become “relax” and “don’t compare yourself to others”. Yes, I am living the life from the scraps I find along the way and I pick the ones that appeal to me and I begin the journey of weaving them together.
      And yes, part of that process is completely turning the American election off – it’s just getting out of hand and it seems to be opening a floodgate of out of hand behaviour. Thus, like yourself I am turning on my heart. opening up my spirit so it can be expressed and it can explore and then the pieces come together, as you wisely. say, exactly the way the are meant to be.
      Much love, in return. Always, Harlon

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      • Oh, YES! Definitely, Harlon…no comparing…you are a unique individual (we all are!) Like a snowflake or a fingerprint…designed to bring forth your gifts as only YOU can do!! I love your gifts and the way you share your soul…you are very important to me ♡♡♡

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    • Thank you Sheldon for checking in. How modern is it that my virtual friends are so loyal and supportive. I am finding blogging to be incredible therapeutic and with my expressions and the comments that have grounded me – I am feeling good, optimistic and I am taking action to create more meaning and purpose in my life – it seems that if I stick with my values and what they are connected to along with the things that give me joy (nature, writing, sharing experiences and having fun with friends) then the mind chatter is less invasive and when it does get a chance to be heard it is more uplifting rather than the voice of doubt. Long answer, short, I am doing well and looking forward to autumn walks – one of the best things in the world. Your friend, Harlon

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  3. Wow – what an image: patchwork quilt that is disconnected. I get it. Sometimes tough to find the thread to sew it all up together. I know you will – I think you already have. I’d like to think of your thread as the golden thread that makes your quilt sing. All the best, Harlon!

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    • What a fantastic comment, and for the assurance you are supporting within me, that yes I do have a hold of the golden thread, after untangling the threads of thought in my mind, and I can hang onto that golden thread for support and for direction and yes my quilt and my heart will sing. Much obliged! Hugs, Harlon


      • A singing quilt: a blanket of harmony. Beautiful. I am so very thankful that you can find that thread and hold on – isn’t that what we all strive to do? That yours is gold … is mighty. Many blessings and hugs back, Harlon.

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  4. Hello in there,

    I guess we can thank Sustiva for our two realities.

    The following somehow seems to fit from my new favorite group, Bastille:

    You don’t have to look any further I’ve been waiting here for you for time You don’t have to look any further You’re missing what is right before your eyes

    Read more: Bastille – Bite Down Lyrics | MetroLyrics

    Will wait for your call.

    xoxox Bill

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    • Firstly, I always like it when people introduce me to new music and thanks for that. And then, there’s the sorry I didn’t call – my schedule is so loosey goosey and the weekend got busy – so I guess me calling isn’t something I should pinpoint to a time – especially when my sleep schedule is off….but talk we will soon. Just waiting to one of those quiet nights at home when we can gab. xoxo Harlon

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