No Recipe For Disaster



It’s complicated

by its simplicity

sometimes the hardest thing to be

is for me to be me.

I know all I need to do

is relax and I am my most real me,

leaving room for error and uncertainty

and subjectivity.

It seems daunting

and it feels disappointing

but that’s just where I got stuck

and then I get hard on me

because it feels hard being me.

It’s complicated

by its simplicity

but if I connect with my values

and stop over thinking this then

I can live with authenticity.

It’s complicated

by its simplicity

but I am not done yet

and I am finding joy

because there is still so much left

in the renewable resource

that is me.

15 thoughts on “No Recipe For Disaster

    • Wow! Thank you for such a genuine comment. I am glad you feel a sort of connection. I look forward to experiencing that further as I read your posts. Your voice shines as well. Peace, Harlon


  1. Hope you’re having a nice Thanksgiving weekend, Harlon. I enjoyed this, particularly the realization that the simplest things are often the most profound. How are we to “just be” without needing to know we are just being…?! It is not a question that can be answered with words I don’t believe. It’s the sort of question that suggests there ought to be an answer, but I’m not sure there is exactly… We are the answer, us, walking around… 🙂


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      • No I didn’t change my name to Harloon, although as you taught me well, I CAN, if I want to. I think the best thing to do with typos is to laugh at them. Actually, that principle may apply more often than I am aware. Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend, so I hope you have a great Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend with nice walks and great talks and laughter. 🙂 Harlon

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