It’s an autumn night

but it feels like summer

I sit outside and

I start to remember

things I wanted to do

but I let too much time go by

I’ve learned to be good with that

relax and look at the sky.

It’s an autumn night

that feels like summer

and the moon and the stars

are all a different colour

there is not some thing

that I am supposed to be

I relax and find consolation that

there is a constellation that is called me.

16 thoughts on “Autumnal

  1. Wonderful poem, Harlon. I love how you listen to your body. It doesn’t vibe like resignation at all, but a more sacred understanding and peace to being with what is. I guess, I’d call that wisdom.

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  2. Amen. Your poems echo my sentiments exactly. Since I do have a job I must report to work but I make use of the sick leave, personal days and holidays. I have my good days and bad days. Some days I’m up and about able to fulfill my Wanderlust through my home town the Big Apple aka New York City, whereas other days I just need to rest and only go out for food or to do laundry. Either way it is best to obey one’s body. God Bless Harlon.

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