Sleep Disorder


Things change day to day for me

I’ve grown accustomed to feeling differently.

I couldn’t sleep last night

so I engaged my self in conversation.

I spoke of many things

but it ended up going in one direction,

it always seems to be all about me.

Where am I going

and who will I be?

I saw an asteroid tonight

it didn’t look like it was falling

I wonder sometimes

if I’ve simply missed my calling.

I am lonely

and I miss affection

and I’m getting accustomed to feeling indifferently.

Shooting stars,

do they ever stop?

Do they ever

reach the top?

30 thoughts on “Sleep Disorder

    • Thank you, your response means a lot to me – and there is a lot of power in that – just knowing someone is hearing me makes me feel better. Writing is great therapy for me – perhaps there is power in that, in sharing our feelings, jubilant or difficult. Thank you for hearing me out and for your compassion. Hugs, Harlon

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  1. I hope I’m not over-stepping here, but you have a ridiculously beautiful smile. Just sayin’. I hope you remember this when you look in the mirror and I hope when you do remember, it makes you smile more. 🙂

    Hearts & hugs,

    Just Me

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    • Hey you (I suspect you are more than Just You) – thank you for the compliment – it made me smile, and I will treasure that and make sure I catch myself grinning more often. I think you are on to a lot of things here, remembering this exchange makes me smile and it also reminds me that when I am feeling good, then I attract good things. Thank you so much for this! Hugs, Harlon

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    • Thank you Bill. I miss you too and I think you know me well enough to know that I like to write about the difficult, it’s the feelings that aren’t permanent, but are in their moments, real and strong. Within all of this process, I find harmony or motivation to take action – or I just sleep a lot. It’s all good and you are great. xo Harlon


    • Wholeheartedly agreed! These sorts of feelings are very ephemeral and more just my brain doing what brains do, THINK. Writing for me and sharing can certainly change the speed at which thoughts change and I turn back to who I really am, and what is really “being”. Night time can seem to induce loneliness, but I am pretty sure someone said this before “Tomorrow is another day” and feelings and perspectives change. Thanks as always for supporting my quench for being thirsty. Peace, Harlon

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    • Thanks trE, I am doing fine, writing for me is such a great way to face difficult feelings, by expressing them creatively, by sharing them – it’s a form or release in some ways – and then the comments and the support are part of the process that keeps me hanging on. Much love, Harlon

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