I feel good now

I wish this was the way it would always be

I am moving through the day


Other times I feel like everyone

has their shirt untucked but me

I don’t move so well

when I am feeling anxiety.

I focus on my breathing

and practice mindfulness and meditation

and things start to feel much better

than I do when I am on medication.

When in the moment

I have no fear of asset allocation

the past is behind me

the present has my seal of authentication.

9 thoughts on “Autonomy

    1. Being in the moment is the best, I agree. I always try to use my own pictures for my posts – and try to find some relevance between the picture and the text. I was kind of digging at the bottom of the barrel for this one, but it’s a close up of a boulder that I found as I walked along the lake. Who knew?

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