Seems to me, well, first of all, I thought we were talking about sustainability, but now I see, it’s just another way, of talking about stuff.  Stuff we do, stuff we don’t do, stuff we give up, stuff we have, stuff we don’t. Stuff we’re supposed to have.

There’s just too much stuff in the world. Overstuffed and understaffed.

Overfed, underloved.


I am underneath it all. I am over it.

Too much stuff that’s just getting in the way of things.



Stuff in the way of things.

Stuff to have and things to do.

11 thoughts on “Inventory

  1. Like JoAnna, I like your choice of photo. Like the trees in winter, we must be able to let go of all the dead stuff to be born anew in spring.

    Sadly, in our materialistic world, our stuff defines who we are as individuals.

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  2. This is a great photo for this post. I’m imagining you coming up out of the pile of stuff your under and shaking it off, feeling free and running through the snow, throwing snowballs….. (We don’t get much snow where I live.)

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  3. Had an interesting conversation with my stepson and his girlfriend the other night Harlon–two brilliant people I love to chat with. Once or twice a year we end up in these deep thought moments. My stepson pointed out how minimalism and downsizing can be just another form of materialism depending on what lies at the real heart of it, and I thought it was an important observation. There seems to be this balancing line we each must find… where we are not over or under, but just right…

    Wishing you a Just Right New Year my friend!

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  4. Been thinking about this a lot myself, especially in light of all the talk going on here about world trade deals after Brexit. Strikes me that lip service is being paid to sustainability by the very people who supposedly have their eye on the bigger picture, conveniently forgetting global impact when it suits. I’m so sick of money being the main motivating force in all decisions. Do you think, maybe, that they think that if we have enough stuff thrown at us we’ll forget what they said yesterday? Orwellian.

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