Human Nature: Kindness as Weakness

I have been to so many places.

I have seen so much of this world, because I never knew how much time I had left.

I saw so much;

the beauty of nature and in cultures and traditions.

Sights and sounds and feelings that words cannot describe.

The only thing I saw that was ugly,

was human nature.

28 thoughts on “Human Nature: Kindness as Weakness

  1. Thank you for such a thought provoking post. Our depth of ugliness is only matched by our capacity for love. Fear of loneliness and fear of need are a couple of motivations that drive us. Most humans will go to sharing and compassion first some will horde and hate first. I believe there are more who care. That hasn’t changed. I think our exposure to the ugly has changed and now it seems more pervasive. There is so much love and caring that we never hear about. WordPress and others like it are a nice reminder that everyone shares similar desires. We need a reason to be. We need a way to provide for those we love. When those options are cut off, frustration leads to hate. Thanks for this post it gives me something to think through the rest of the day. My question is always, “How can I help?”

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  2. A year ago, when I left a corporate environment and Chicago suburbs, I was fed up with human nature. A year on the road and meeting so many nice people, the kindness and caring of strangers, the trust you still find in small communities, have boosted my opinion of homo sapiens. Small acts of kindness from wonderful people can work wonders.

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    • I agree. Although in my post I speak of the ugly side of human nature, there is also the side that is beautiful, kind, caring and compassionate. I just wish we heard more of those stories on the news πŸ™‚ Harlon

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  3. A sad truth. One of my Dad’s favorite sayings was “Don’t mistake kindness for weakness.” When I was young I really didn’t know what it meant. Now I do and don’t allow evil and wicked people to use me as a doormat. If I can walk away I will but if not I will fight back.

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    • I wonder why too. I have to say, from my experiences and observations as of late, that greed is often the source. I feel we are moving from a world of us and we to a world of me and I. πŸ™‚ Harlon


  4. I am still on the move… never stop. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. On your thoughts, on a more prosaic note, I always wonder where is the “destroy mankind” button, specially when in the tube at rush hour. I wish karma took its job more seriously.

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