I wonder what you think of me?

The choices, I made,

my behaviour could have been done differently.

You see I didn’t have the same list

of choices to choose from

so I descended differently

from a darkness from which we all come.

And here I am

less than what you accepted

but I am here

and that was never expected.

I wonder what you think of me?

Do you know I cry, and get melancholy

thinking of how I could have done things differently,

holding on to my past

while the future moves indifferently.

I wonder what you think of me?

The stupid man with the stupid story

the man who doubted himself

and came up shortly.

I wonder what you think of me?

If it’s any consequence

I think of you

and how I could have been a better me.

In this moment

that is now

I know I did my best

although it never feels that way somehow.

In this moment, I wonder what you think?

Scattered, confused, behaving narcissitically,

but in this moment that is now

neither of us were taught how to be our me.

20 thoughts on “Offramp

  1. There are so many things I could have done differently. Even two days ago! But they’ve all brought me to who I am now, and I’m learning… learning not to beat myself up, though sometimes I forget. Your last line is perfect.

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        1. I fell in love with “Last Train Home” in the 90’s and tuned into him after that. Pat is brilliant in a way that is almost other-worldly. There’s something spiritual, haunting, magical — in a lot of his music that defies standard theoretical analysis. I can analyze it according to my knowledge of music theory and composition; however, my analysis will never account for some of the feelings his music is mysteriously able to evoke. A truly inspired Artist.

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