Choices & Changes

There are always options.


20 thoughts on “Choices & Changes

  1. Hi Harlon
    Are you getting notifications of my comments? Several ago I discovered I have a stalker and they are an expert. They can manipulate data on WP and home, my emails and comments trying reach out are not being transmitted. Someone who has followed me for a long time left a comment that ” I was to sick, under to much stress and I’m leaving crazy emails or comments to people. In an effort to narrow the list I stared leaving comments on sites I thought would recognize an expert Staler behavior and not think I’m fall in a part mentalling. EIther way I would be honest but it is confirmed I am being stalked.

    Data at my site and Survivors site is changing, there sending me messages on the computer screen. Most of the time people blow off a stalker and not really believe the person. I was stalked for six years in my 20’s and it’s paralyzing if you let them control you. Between em problems, complete tear me down on Twitter and concern for each member of the team.

    My husband says no one could have hacked our WIFI but if you can hack McAfee and these massive companies they can hack your home WIFI. I don’t know if the person is benign or a deviant, if deviate they will only focus on me unless he wants to hurt me at WP by doing and saying things which are not true. I continue to work with WP on the issues. So far they don’t fully understand what is happening.

    I have not been able to ad your name to Contributors since they keep changing or locking me out. I wanted to keep everyone in the loop which is an issue. Gavin was told to leave the group along with Robert for hacking me on Twitter. March 22nd people around the world were hacked, Twitter alone had thousands of my post is disposed.

    It’s crazy


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    • Dear Melinda, it is crazy indeed, this cyberworld we live in. I haven’t received any personal direct e-mails from you, but I have been receiving the notices from WordPress about your reblogging my posts – and thank you so much for doing that.
      I wonder if you have received my e-mails as I had e-mailed you directly on some of my older posts that I thought would be suitable for reblogging, but didn’t hear back. Try me directly again at – and in spite of all the hacking the world, we will never lose each other. Love, Harlon

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    • Great question Robert…one that I need to refresh and ask myself from time to time. I am trying to find balance, and a sense of belonging. I believe my mindset is in the right place but my physical health and the impact it has on my economic status set up barriers that seem unnecessary. So what am I about? Not being discouraged but also being a realist. Kindness in return, Harlon

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      • I guess that we are all going through stuff. My stuff probably seem trivial to others, and versa visa, but it feels different when I’m on the sharp end of it. Life! 🙂
        Returning your kindness and raising you a best wishes – Robert.

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  2. Hi Harlon
    I reblogged to Survivors to see what is going on with site. I think,of you often and reach my hand out to help & let you know I still want you on team, we can make,it work. You have so much to offer and helping you strongest trait I see
    🙂 M

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    • I used to walk by these two buildings, and couldn’t help but get a chuckle out of their placement. It always reminded me about the different ways I can take care of myself. Plus, a little irony in life is always fun. 🙂 Peace, Harlon

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    • Thank you, these two buildings were beside each other on the street I used to live on in Toronto, and couldn’t help but get a chuckle out of the irony….get stuffed, or treat yourself.
      Wishing you many fun options 🙂

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