I leave on Wednesday for a vacation



to San Diego


a place where I think I belong

drop the anxiety and be strong

and can play

have a nice stay

have a nice day.

I am going to let go of myself


go for it.



That’s all I’ve ever wanted.

39 thoughts on “Bloodwork

    • Thank you Lorrie. I really think a change of scenery is going to be very good for me.
      Walking along the beach, sunsets, new places…..a fun adventure and a reunion with a
      dear friend. I’ve been thinking of you lately, hope you are doing well and I will e-mail
      you when I return and we can “catch up”. Hugs, Harlon

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  1. Wonderful!! I went to San Diego many years ago. It is a beautiful city. Of course I went to Disneyland and Sea World. Great restaurants. Enjoyed myself. I will be on vacation at the end of this week but a Staycation. Will be celebrating my brother Stephen’s 56th birthday!! ❀ ❀

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    • Staycations can be fun too & I really do enjoy observing the close bond between you and your brother. It really is quite beautiful. Wish him a happy birthday from your brother of another colour in Canada and have a wonderful celebration. Hugs, Harlon


  2. Harlon
    Important Message
    All my devices have been Hijacked, have a Cyberstalker who at this point as not shown deviant behavior.
    Know I have faith in you, we are a team, we will make it work and Survive again.
    Stand by me as I work feverishly with WP to restore security to me emails and intercepting messages I send and ones sent to me including comments.
    I’m on a secure machine and want to assure you Survivors Blog Here is more alive than ever and will Survive. The Hacker is preventing contributors from reblogging.
    I wanted to keep you up to date, when my device are secure and WP has made all the changes we are working on.
    I care deeply for you and will never hurt you.

    I pray for a vacay with the gloom lifted and your heart and soul open and have experiences to feed your desire for freedom.

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    • Dear M, of course I will always stand by you. Please don’t put too much pressure on yourself to deal with this and if I can help out and lessen the burden please let me know. In the meantime, I think you are exactly right about my vacation. I suspect it will lift the anxiety and reconnect my heart and soul to the things that give me joy. Much love, Harlon


  3. Have a great time. Letting go of yourself sounds like brilliant medicine. Having never been to the US the idea of holidaying anywhere in California sounds incredibly exciting to me.

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    • Thank you, I am a Canadian, and it’s funny with what’s going on (or maybe I should just say WHO is going) I am a bit anxious about being in the States. However, to me, California seems like a different country or at least a different state of mind. The sun, the ocean, the sunsets – all stuff that is so very therapeutic. Thanks! Stay well, Harlon


      • The sun of California would be really healing after the Canadian winter but I agree with you, America would be strange place to visit at present. I hope your holiday is free of unpleasant events.

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