Sink Or Swim

I am going to be

who I am

and all that I am being

is who I am

and that’s what I am going to be

is who I am.

It is all


it is all that I can be.

17 thoughts on “Sink Or Swim

  1. Hi Harlon
    GLad your back safe Did you have any trouble reblogging to Survivors, it’s a hat we learn quickly but it rakes getting used to. It look the Hacker deleted your photo. You are ready to go, ad your photo back in and reblog away. If you have any problems just drop me a line and we’ll get it fixed.
    So glad you got away for a few days, who you are is all I’ve wanted to be. You can’t be happy inside if living to meet others exceptions. You have so much to share and look forward to getting in the grove.
    Take care


    • Thank you, I love this feeling that I am feeling. Of momentum, of moving forward. Hope you are able swim, fly and run with me, or perhaps at least with yourself. Peace, Harlon


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