The Pharmaceutical Industry & Other Unnatural Causes Of Death

It’s been a few years now since my Father passed away.

May he rest in peace.

Ultimately, the coroner’s report would say he died of respiratory failure due to natural causes.

What really killed my father was an adverse reaction to a pharmaceutical intervention.

I think it’s time to start listing the adverse side of effects pharmaceuticals, whenever relevant, as the cause of death.

File this one under telling it as it is.

20 thoughts on “The Pharmaceutical Industry & Other Unnatural Causes Of Death

  1. My Dad died that way too. Pills he was given that he didn’t even need. We had an inquest, the coroners department were not helpful, they seemed to fight me and my brother and side with the nursing home. We didn’t get the verdict we wanted, but we did at least get to question and in some ways humiliate those medical staff who lied to us about the mysterious medication. They had to face themselves for a few hours.. it was worth the stress to see that. Unfortunately, we are like chickens in a farm to those who put themselves above us, and medication, to a large extent is all about making money from the chickens. Good to see you are questioning it… so many do not, they reluctantly accept the natural causes verdict… it’s rarely true.

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  2. Amen! Sorry to hear that news, Harlon. And right now…just a few moments ago…I think I linked some symptoms my Mom is having as possibly being caused by a pharmaceutical that is supposed to help her! So sad ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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  3. Harlon, I agree 100% with you. Had similar experiences with both my parents who passed away many years ago. I found the doctors experimented on my Dad even though they knew he had terminal cancer. One day I went to the hospital and he was not in his room. Turns out they had him taking a medical test that only women receive! Hospitals, doctors and Big Pharma will do anything to get that money. As for my Mom her doctors said she had gall stones. Turns out she had pancreatic cancer which killed her 2 months later.

    Many doctors in the USA are motivated by greed. Big Pharma plies them with trips, free lunches and other perks if they give their patients certain types of medications. Several years ago when I was being treated for depression I noticed a Big Pharma Rep would come to the psychologist office. Then she would dispense pills like they were M&Ms or Skittles. Things got so bad in New York that finally New York State changed the way certain types of prescriptions were dispensed. No more paper prescriptions. Now medications are sent online directly to the pharmacy. Basically doctors were becoming legalized drug dealers.

    Now I’m going the natural holistic route. I do my best to stay away from doctors, eat better, take more vitamins and spend as much time in nature as possible. Much better.

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  4. It is outrageous that if a patient dies of a side effect of a prescribed drug it is considered natural cause of a health issue for taking the drug and in most cases it is a cover up. Sorry about your Dad.

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  5. It’s hard to accept a loss of this kind. When I was ill, some time back, my GP offered me a range of medications; some of which I took; others not. The ones I refused had written in small print.
    Side Effects: Possible Death.

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  6. I’m so sorry this happened, Harlon. Thank you for sharing your experience. A an elderly friend of our family went to the hospital a few years ago because he was so drowsy he could not perform normal tasks and was sleeping almost around the clock.They thought maybe he’d had a stroke or other major event. But the only thing they could find was that he had recently been prescribed opiate pain meds for his severe back pain. In spite of the pain, he had resisted taking these kinds of medications for most of his life, so he had no tolerance built up and was over medicated. He had to be in a nursing home because his lack of exercise during the days of sedation had weakened his already challenged muscles to the point that he needed physical rehab to learn how to walk again. He never fully recovered and died a several months later. They could at least list those adverse reactions as a possible cause of death. I’m sure the pharmaceutical companies would object. May our fathers rest easy now.

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  7. I remember shortly before my Dad passed away, he took one dialysis treatment. It was so painful he opted to let life take a more natural course. He was 83 and felt he had had a full life. Sometimes our interventions, well meaning as they may be, are counter to what is natural.

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