Everybody knows the question to the answer, but me.

What is to “Be yourself?”.

28 thoughts on “Jeopardy

  1. Nobody knows. They’re pretending. The first step to being yourself is deciding when and who you want to be. Don’t struggle to find out who to be cause someone else told you to be you. Do what you want when you want. If that means mimicking someone else, fine. Don’t hurt others in the course of being whoever you want to be and you’ll leave them no argument. They don’t know who you are either. They don’t know who they are.

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  2. the question to the answer or the answer to the question?
    You see – nobody (besides maybe some enlightened people) knows the answer because nobody is fully him/herself. People say I am… and use adjectives describing them but those adjectives are only some features telling what they do, what they like or how they react and all this is changeable, depending on circumstances, age, and the stage of transformation…
    by asking yourself this question you are closer to the answer than all the rest
    if you asked me I would answer that it means to act how I feel in every particular moment without being influenced by anything I was ever taught or told about myself or the world but I am not in this state of freedom yet.

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  3. It can be confusing. Sometimes it’s easier to identify when I’m NOT being myself, like when I catch myself laughing at a joke that I don’t think is funny, or I’m working real hard to be polite or nice. But more importantly, when and where do you feel most real, most comfortable, most ALIVE? What do you love? Those are clues.

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    • Wise words, and it is funny how I also find it easy on some occasions when I am not being myself….but maybe not always being yourself, is part of being yourself. I agree, it is connecting to people, places, things where I feel most comfortable that I am the more authentic self. I’ve let some good stuff slip out of my routine, hence the query. I’ve been experiencing a bit of social anxiety so I think I am hiding a bit – and although in the moment it seems like a sensible coping skill, it ultimately prevents me from the therapy of the things that I enjoy.

      Time for a hike!

      Hugs, Harlon

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      • I love how you use writing here to learn about yourself and the world. When you do that, it helps me, too. I hadn’t thought about not being yourself as part of being yourself! Very self affirming to know that we are going to do that sometimes, and we don’t need to be critical about it. Hikes are always good for the soul. Have fun connecting with you, nature and all the good stuff.

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  4. Venus Just Asked Me
    by Hafiz

    Perhaps for just one minute out of the day
    it may be of value to torture yourself with thoughts like:
    “I should be doing a hell of a lot more with my life than I am β€”
    β€˜cause I’m so damn talented.
    “But remember … one minute.

    With all the rest of your time, it would be best to try
    to look upon yourself more as God does.

    For He knows your true royal nature
    God is never confused and can see Only Himself in you.

    My dear Venus just leaned down and asked me
    to tell you a secret to confess she’s just a mirror
    who has been stealing your light and music for centuries

    She knows, as does Hafiz,
    that you are the sole heir to The King.

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  5. I’ve come to realize that we all need to constantly remake ourselves and not necessarily in any dramatic fashion. It is the stagnant monotony of the same thing over and over that slowly kills us which is why the question ‘who I am’ for me usually pops up when I realize something in my life needs to be changed, refreshed or improved in some way. It comes up when I feel like I am not achieving anything new, when I don’t feel challenged or when I feel I am not contributing to some sort of greater purpose. Sit down and write all the things you can’t live without, from here you will find who you are and where you need to go.

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    • Thank you, and this is what I love about blogging, the practical and achievable advice of others. I agree, generally when I struggle with “identity” it’s because I am stuck or I am hiding – I like your approach of sitting down and writing a list of things I can’t live without it, and from there, trust the process. I truly appreciate your support on this one. Hugs, Harlon

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    • I think that is excellent insight, it is easy to fall into the trap of ourselves as how we are perceived rather than who we are. Thank you for this. πŸ™‚


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