Walking along the surf

if you can

keep on walking until you touch the wall

turn around


breathe in and embrace it all

the smell of the ocean

the sound, the lull

flips flops and t-shirts

you are dressed and good to for what goes

one season fits it all.

The unexpected

or the best tacos

sometimes difficult emotions will emerge

sometimes with the tide, they just elevate

other times sad memories may become amplified

letting them go with the flow

if you can

see if you can cooperate with the tide.

Then take the steps to touch the next wall

it is calming

it is radical and cool

a graceful ritual

and it reminds you, where you are

it assures you of where you might be.

You are good where you are

being who you like to be.

A return walk on the beach

is all it takes to know

you are already

and you are ready to have it all

it is within your reach.

12 thoughts on “Coronado

  1. a wondrous place where you become one with mother earth, where all your anxieties seem to disappear with the waves and the grains of sand between your toes bring contentment

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