When Tomorrow Comes

I’ve been kinda hard on myself lately.

However, tonight I sat outside under the stars,

it was a bit on the chilly side,

but yet there I was.


I was thinking that I just feel things.

I am always feeling an emotion (or two, three, four etc.)

and it is usually quite strong.

And, the emotions I feel are coming from within

and also from my environment

and they are strong and robust.

I am happy that I feel things,

beautiful things,

while others are quite difficult,

at least I am still feeling things.

That’s who I am.

That is what I am about.

So maybe I should be less hard on myself.

12 thoughts on “When Tomorrow Comes

  1. Nice lines. In my opinion, there is no shame in feeling a little too much, it helps us relate to other’s pains and sorrows more deeply. I would rather prefer to be called a sensitive human than an unemotional mechanical robot.

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  2. Speaking as someone with anxiety and depression I understand this feelings. But, there goodness to come a storm may form but a beautiful day will come after. Love, Blessings, hugs, and kisses to you, don’t be too hard on yourself. Have a great day and or night sweet Harlon

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  3. Yes, dear Harlon…I understand this kind of ‘feeling!’ I also know from experience that everything is better when we are less hard on ourselves!! Sending you love and light and hoping that those energies are easily felt πŸ’œπŸ’œ

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