Dear In-Person Friends

I feel like you’ve stopped caring for me

I’ve become a lost cause

and you’ve given up on me

and maybe that’s the truth

maybe there is no cure for me.

But I am just a bus ride away

A subway, a train

but maybe that’s too far away.

I have made new friends virtually

they care

and the check in on me,

I am not too sure what to hypothesize

other than friends

come in a different size.

And sometimes far away


is close

and they stay.

24 thoughts on “Dear In-Person Friends

  1. It’s amazing what is transmitted through a few photons on a screen, isn’t it Harlon? The truth is there is no distance between two hearts, and maybe there’s no expectations here. No roles to play. We’re only here to be… to listen… to discover how much we care…

    Peace, my friend!

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  2. While online friends do care, our flesh-and-blood friendships matter even more. We are social animals. We need meaningful face-to-face human contact. Hope you get a surprise visit or call soon from one of your in-person friends โค

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  3. Oh God, that SO resonates with me, Harlon! My “in person” friends rarely even call to see how I’m doing. My best online friend has stuck with me through many different cities and phases of life. And my “in person” or “real life” frends have the nerve to suggest that these “online friends” are not “real” friends. It’s uncanny what the lack of loyalty can do to a friendship. Thanks for this.

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  4. It seems like there are phases of life where friendships change. In high school, I had a few close friends. Then work and family got in the way. It was easy for someone who leans toward introversion and sensitivity to focus on things other than socializing. Most of my in-person friendships are based on (or at least started in) task oriented groups. In some ways it’s easier here where we write about our hearts and have time to think. I’m glad you feel comfortable with virtual friends and hope you continue to get out into nature some, too. Don’t rule out in-person friendship, though. Anything’s possible! โค

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  5. Like you I have some great virtual friends but not so many face-to-face friends. I find that it is often easier to get closer to virtual friends because somehow social media lets us express ourselves on a deeper level. A lot of my friendships with people off line don’t get much past conversations about the weather.

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  6. Harlon
    You have to let us in. Remember the high you felt when we talked, you are beside yourself to share you story to help people.
    It’s hard to do, I’ve been depressed this week, I wrote when I could and stayed away other wise. Maybe the pressure of writing everyday is not best everyday. If you desire to write, don’t post and pick up next day and see where you take the followers.
    Your followers care for you, I care for you, we want to hear about the nano good things, the big things and the down days.
    I know your hear, your depression has blindfolded it.
    Luv ya

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  7. I’m shocked in a way. I’ve been involved in a couple of message boards where I became friendly with some of people. I didn’t expect it when I started my blog but I still can’t believe how comforting just to have someone saying hang in there….<3 Hugs<3

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