Hope Springs Eternal

It is 2:38 pm

and my Mother hasn’t gotten out of bed yet.

It makes me wonder,

is she dead or alive.

There is no reward for that,

even though the posters say so.

I guess the question is,

am I really ready for this?

I know there is always tomorrow

and the day after next,

but as a caregiver

with health issues of my own

and losing my best friend (again)

how much energy

can I put into the day after next.

I think, although I don’t know,

if I just take one day at a time,

that is probably my best bet,

yet sometimes I wonder

if that’s how we are perceived

in memory and media

and our “alleged” universal healthcare system

as the person

better of dead than alive.

17 thoughts on “Hope Springs Eternal

  1. . My bosom goes out to you and your mama – perhaps there is some break tending usable where your mama could hitch for a hebdomad or two so you can taking into custody your breathing spell…subscribe serious tending…

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  2. After a lovely yoga class, a fellow student & I began to speak about the caregiving roles that colour our world – I was struck by his comment that we are in the midst of ‘the long good-bye”, despite the hard days, we are given this time, and hopefully there will be no regrets. My heart goes out to you and your Mom – perhaps there is some respite care available where your Mom could stay for a week or two so you can catch your breath…take good care…

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  3. A difficult situation. Are there Respite or Home Health Care services available? Do you have any siblings or family who could give you a break? You can’t do everything by yourself. Perhaps your city or town provides Nursing services. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your Mom.

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  4. One day at a time, one hour at a time, one foot in front of the other… and each day somehow takes care of itself. But do remember to take care of you, and you will find the moments of grace. Sending hugs and prayers to you, dear one.

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  5. Hugs Harlon.. Stephen Jenkinson who wrote “Die Wise” will give a talk and a workshop in our town soon.. And you are having a real life “workshop”. May you find some peace and beauty in whatever this day brings. And thank you for sharing and reflecting your experiences here. ❤

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