Making Me Wait

What is this lethargy I am feeling?

What is it all about?

Why do I keep procrastinating?

I feel like I keep missing out.

Why don’t I feel like I am passing through time,

and that time is passing through me instead?

Why do I feel sometimes I am one of the living

and other times I feel like I am one of the dead?

16 thoughts on “Making Me Wait

  1. I have felt like this all week since I had a anxiety attack the other day. My anxiety and depression are on high these days. I really wish you the best. Much happiness peace and joy. God bless you Harlon soft hugs

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    • Part of me wants to say that I am touched that you can relate, but another part of me, a bigger part wishes you were not feeling the anxiety and depression you have been feeling. It seems to me we are on the same page, I just wonder if there is a way I can support you because doing it alone SUCKS! Hoping you find peace, joy and happiness today. Gentle hugs in return, Harlon

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      • Aww it not a fun thing to go through anxiety and depression but it is good when you have people who care around you. Thanks so much for the well wishes I wish all the same things for you Harlon. I am always here if you need to talk I am a good listener and a none judgemental person. May you have a good day and sleep well at night. Soft hugs, M

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  2. Harlon, your over stressed, depressed, overloaded, your heart in not where you want to be, your not living where you want to be. You have so much swirling around in your head, you don’t have time to see the sunlight. I have no doubt you will have the life you want for yourself. Take one step at a time, do it for Harlon, don’t worry about anyone but your mental health. For every negative or challenge there’s a positive, it’s get damn hard to see. It’s time you put Harlon at the top of list, work towards your goals and others life matters will fall into place. Where you live now doesn’t offer you the lifestyle you want and the freedom to make a move for you. Stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Jut start planning, setting goals and move into the life that will make you happy.

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