Bitter Pill

After a week of appointments with specialists

and the work that it takes to get her there,

emotionally and physically.

Then another week of homecare appointments

to determine our location in the system

and what is the best next.

All I can think of is that there is no way that things will be better.

We’re just tryingΒ  to find ways to make things less worse.


46 thoughts on “Bitter Pill

  1. It has lifted my heart reading the support in these comments and your responses of strength and wisdom. I’m adding my hugs and encouragement to take good care of yourself through all this. I see growth here. Much growth and much love. ❀

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      1. I just happened to glance back at this post and noticed the plants and blue bottle in the window reminding me of the things I love in my home. I imagine you helping to care for those plants and maintaining a cozy home. A different perspective from when I first saw the photo.

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        1. Thank you JoAnna for enlightening a new perspective. Yes, there are walkers and wheelchairs, but they can co-exist with the plants, and other sparkling things, things of love and care and joy. Life is what you make it! xo Harlon

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  2. Dad passed away on New Years Eve. All the time , effort and appointments are worth it in time. Your picture brought back so many emotions from the last 3 years. Much love to you and your mum. Pm me ❀ Sue

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    1. Thanks Sue, for your message, and I think that only if you have been through this can you really understand how hard this can be emotionally. Thank you for being a resource of support. Tons of hugs, Harlon


  3. The photo says it all. I’ve been there and back for both my parents. It’s not an easy road to travel but I have no regrets because I did my best.
    In terms of siblings we have an expression, that one mother can take care of five kids. Yet five kids can’t take care of one mother. You get the understanding.
    I just wish you had more help. Hugs.

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    1. Thank you, and I really can connect with what you said, as difficult as it is, and although it would be nice to have more help – I do not have a single regret and that is a nice place to be. Much love in return, Harlon

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    1. I am blessed to have such an amazing Mother, and I think of all the shit she put up with me, then this is only fair and also meaningful. The circle of life, eh? Ten million kisses, Harlon

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  4. My father is currently in a transitional care unit at a hospital a bus ride or two away after two weeks in our local hospital…he can receive extra care there while he recovers from two surgeries and an angiogram. Both our worlds have become smaller…my heart goes out to you both and yes, your poignant picture says it all.

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      1. I should introduce myself, my name is Kim…my lovely neighbour, Huguette, is my muse…we just brought Dad home from hospital yesterday and are back in the thick of things but have more homecare support this time which should help a lot! I’m glad my words have been helpful…we’re in this together!!

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        1. Thank you Kim for your lovely and touching message. I think you said it all when you said “we’re in this together. Always there for you and always dreaming of Puerto Vallarta. xo Harlon

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      1. I am with you Harlon as I am the only one that has no excuse to run. I must dig in my heels and care for my 2 elderly parents when the time comes. I feel you and can only give you encouragement and Garfield Hugs. Let’s be strong.

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  5. I’m not really great at platitudes, or saying things that I’m not sure are true. But I do think you’re cool and interesting and brave. And I’m sorry you have to go through so much. And even if things aren’t ‘better’, not every day will feel so dark.

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    1. Thanks, what a great comment, even if I often overlook it, I think I a cool and interesting and brave and hearing that from someone else gives me courage and tenacity. And yes you are right, there are bright days that lie ahead and I shall treasure them. You’re the best! xo Harlon

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