Silver Linings From The Crawlspace

I have been pretty sick for a while

so that is why I may have seemed silent

When I am not well I disconnect

and relax until I feel better

I know it can be testing for some of my friendships

I hope that you can be patient

My mother’s prognosis is not good

and that is making me anxious

I am not sleeping well

so I am feeling fragile

The basement flooded the other week

just what I needed

Sometimes it feels like chaos

I begin to explore different ways of thinking

In all of this, there is love and life

and things can induce laughter

When the cleaners came to restore the basement

they got rid of what was contaminated

And that which could be salvaged

was put in boxes which they labelled

The other day I noticed the box

the one that you see in the picture

Someone has a sense of humour

and the moment induced a smile and laughter

It also made me wonder

I haven’t opened it, curious but cautious

There is a history of a family scattered through this house

they may seem like stuff, but they are also memories

The Easy Bake Oven, Ker-Plunk

Lite Brite shines on the silver linings


16 thoughts on “Silver Linings From The Crawlspace

  1. Ah! Kerplunk!!!! I lovee that game 😁
    I understand the concept of shutting down sometimes when it feels too hard to do…well…anything!
    I am sorry to hear about your Mom…I send love and healing to you both. Take care of yourself, my friend. It is so easy to neglect what we need…especially when we are shut down.
    Much love and understanding 💜💜

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    • Thank you Lorrie! Kerplunk is a classic! Thanks for the gentle reminder to take care of myself. sometimes I do neglect taking time to relax or step away for a moment and do the things I enjoy or need to do or to simply “chillax”. You always put a smile on my face. Thanks for the love and understanding. Hugs, Harlon


  2. It’s good to relax and nurture ourselves when feeling sick or even just tired. I love how life/God/The Universe gives us little treats to keep us going when things are hard. And I love how you appreciate this one.

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    • I’m feeling better, but hence my silence. I’ve missed you and your stellar blog posts.
      And am glad that you saw the humour in the box label – an interesting combination of contents, now I’m wondering about my parents… 🙂 xoxo Harlon

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  3. We all have our share of time that doesn’t see our side of life,we have to
    Reconfigure our time to fit in life’s conformity,sweeping the dust underneath the rug,finding time to relax
    Or relaxing with time
    You hang in there Harlon
    You know where to find me

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