Baker’s Dozen

I can do anything, I can do nothing

I don’t know what is the right thing to do.

Music playing.

I introduce new feelings.

It’s not easy, but I embrace the collage.

Is this just my head spinning?

I feel sadness

I feel proud

I feel a sense of wanting and belonging.

Six of one, a half dozen of the other.

I was losing but now I feel I am winning

that feeling keeps changing

but I think I am getting through somehow.

One way or another.

I know that things will get better.


8 thoughts on “Baker’s Dozen

  1. We must be resonating with the same star, Harlon. Life is an Escher staircase for sure. I like your idea of introducing new feelings very much. It’s like picking our head up from some daydream and realizing a nice breeze is blowing…


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  2. Hey Harlon! If you were here, we could listen to music. Play cards and I would beet you at rummy ten times and I would let you win once. Then we would pop popcorn and watch scary movies and then one really funny one so I wouldn’t be so scared. And we would laugh and dance to Cindy Lauper. How about that?

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