Smear Campaign

I don’t know what I am feeling

sometimes. My life is not compartmentalized,

there is not structure, work or leisure

time with a partner,

it’s just me

and it feels like

that feeling I don’t know.

It feels like my life is a smear

there are no edges or boundaries

and what I feel is

the smear.

I am not one colour,

I am not in one spot,

I am just a blend of colours

a blend of moments.

I am facing a final curtain

of mixed emotions

there are things of which I am certain.

I am

I suppose

just in my moment.

6 thoughts on “Smear Campaign

  1. I feel the same sometimes! I don’t see you as a smear or a blend! I see you vibrant and shiny! You are a fabulous human!:) We are both in our moment Harlon. Let your awesome show in your moment!😘😊😎

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  2. You’ve been living your life for 2 people who and your mom,its impossible for you to have a clear identity,that’s driving you up the wall,dealing with life and finding a balance,be good to yourself,take time to reflect like you’ve doing
    A soldier of one in an Army of the few

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