I have been going through a hard time

it sometimes get the better of me

however, spring is starting

and now I can just sit outside and be.

The tulips are opening,

sometimes spring feels heavenly.


20 thoughts on “Heavenly

  1. Spring is glorious, especially coming as it does on the heels of winter. We’ve got nesting blue birds in the backyard and it’s so dang dramatic! Ha! The male chasing off robins and sparrows. The female stuffing her mouth with meal worms to carry back to the nest. It’s the simple moment of relatedness that shifts my gears into calm and ease.

    Wishing you peace, H.

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    • Spring, and the rebirth of nature are truly inspiring and as you wisely pointed out “bits of heaven on heart”. I will truly enjoy them. Then of course, there are the birds, they provide me with such delight. Love is all around us, if we allow ourselves to see it, and I am feeling that my vision is perfect. Hugs, Harlon

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  2. Spring brings new hope during dark times. I know what it is to fall on hard difficult times. I was grateful to have a few vacation days to spend time with my brother Stephen and to see the Cherry Blossoms. Spring Mother Nature has many healing qualities via the flowers and trees. God Bless my friend.

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