Lite-Brite Pegs Scattered Across The Floor

This room is not giving me any heat

The house is telling me it’s time for me to go

We filled up the bin that it’s on the driveway

And will be sending it all away soon

After all the memories have been sorted

I am caught up in the middle

Of moving on and letting go

I am going back to where I started

All that is left are the cards on the table

Lite-Brite pegs scattered across the floor

8 thoughts on “Lite-Brite Pegs Scattered Across The Floor

  1. I can relate to the lite bright having found one at my parents’ house. The colored pegs remind me of a tapestry that can be redone. Every experience travels with us so even if we go back to where we started, we are not the same. Not perfect, but wiser.

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  2. Don’t move to fast, and the third pile, give the pieces time to settle in your mind. I look back at the memories and yet I let many things go. I was in a hurry to cleancse myself of the pain. I finally had to day, I have the memories forever, do I need to keep the fried chicken cast iron skillet. We put many larger items in storage to give me time to take a few steps forward, do I really want this antique sewing machine?

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  3. I’ve found marbles from time to time in my old house, in the garden, in the oddest of places, I have a collection of about 20 or so. I look at them and imagine who they must’ve belonged to, they seem to be from the 1950’s, marbles were the popular thing back then. They most likely belonged to a young boy who would be about 80 years old now if he’s still alive. I wonder what remnants he found? There have been tenants here since 1923. Houses remain, and like an echo of the past you will be found.

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