When I wake up

I stumble and I fall

When I go outside

I fumble and I stall

My small life

big struggle

is each day

when I cross the street

will I make it to the other side.


11 thoughts on “Downfall

  1. You are not alone, Harlon, though sometimes it might feel like it. Look for the helpers offering a hand or an ear, and divine guidance, too. You are strong and you will make it. There’s more to see and learn and love.

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  2. Take one step at a time, Harlon. Keep moving forward at your own pace. Believe in your power to overcome your fears. Following my husband’s abandonment in Brazil, there were days that I crossed the freeway to catch an out-of-town bus to get to work in the city center, unaware of how I made it to the other side.

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    • It’s a struggle, but I know it is worth it, there is so much beauty to see, and I will not let the challenges stop me. I told my Nephrologist today that I don’t want to just survive, I want to thrive. I am on this! Thanks so much for your lovely message – it gives me power and helps me find a reason. Massive hugs, Harlon

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