The New Normal

I stopped taking pills




and sleep.

So this is what if feels like to be normal?

I am anxious

in pain

and tired.

Now, I am just like you,

 like everybody else.


22 thoughts on “The New Normal

  1. Who really knows what normal is? We can’t feel what someone else feels, though we can communicate and share our experiences. My 30 years of experience as an addictions counselor has many questions, but I want you to know, I’m so proud of you, Harlon. I know how hard that can be to stop taking all those pills. A lot of people need to wean off with a doctor’s supervision. That’s the official line. More importantly, while it might be very hard right now, feeling all the feelings, it’s going to get better over time. There will always be ups and downs, but you have good coping skills (mindfulness, nature, etc) and you will learn more. Reach out to people who will support you in your recovery. You are valuable, courageous, and loved. Remember that.

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    • Thanks Joanna, I enjoy your thoughtful messages so much – and you have a great ability to amplify the good in what can feel like a struggle. I agree that I am making the right decision to rely less on pharmaceuticals and to allow my coping skills to evolve and mature because they can take me far. Sometimes I doubt myself, and that’s why I write, and then a wonderful person like yourself comments, and I find a new clarity. Thanks so much, Harlon

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  2. P.S. Screw normal. Let’s embrace Natural regardless of what we worry about what others think about us. More often than not, they aren’t thinking about us. They’re either narcissistic or otherwise worrying about what we think of them. Celebrate YOUR life.

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  3. Harlon, it makes me sad to know you’re having trouble sleeping and with pain like so many. Please go to and register for the beta of our sound app. We’re turning on the website soon and it will show how this sequence of frequencies, all science-based, synchronizes the heart and brain, thus affecting every cell in your body. I quite literally ‘go out’ in the first two minutes. The comments from the studies we’ve done are, for me, life and Purpose affirming. Love to you from Ireland! And… our new website, BELONGING.LIFE is on 😘

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    • Thanks Lynnclair, I genuinely appreciate you referring me to this. I have registered and am looking forward to exploring something new that I have no doubt will take me to new and exciting and refreshing places. Love, Harlon


    • I can completely relate, or at least I feel I have felt my version of what you are feeling. The role of the caregiver is profound but often does not show us much mercy. I hope you can find it in yourself, and there is nothing wrong with having help, and sometimes meds are a great help. They’ve certainly kept me going. Stay strong and keep going. You are acting out of love and with compassion. Peace, Harlon

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  4. Giving up whatever has been supporting us is always hard …. I know going cold turkey can cause so much suffering. What can you bring in to support you as you transition into a new way of being? We’ll need each other to survive and thrive!

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  5. Cher Harlon,

    Ton message me fait un peu rire puisque moi aussi je suis en train de réduire ma consommation de pilules pour dormir et pour la douleur. Et c’est exactement ce que je me demande: comment les gens « normaux » vivent-ils? Tu me donnes une réponse tout à fait sensée! J’espère que le temps chaud te fait du bien et que, progressivement, ton cœur s’apaise et ton corps guérit. Tu souffres tellement de maux, toi qui mériterait de vivre sans problèmes et de donner au monde tes belles couleurs. Je t’embrasse très fort et t’écrirai bientôt.

    Christine l’aubergine

    Envoyé de mon iPhone


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