Mind Fall

What is this feeling?

Is this what if feels like to be bent over backwards?

It’s just another feeling I can’t decipher

at least for now, but maybe after.

Does it really matter?

If I leave it unattended to, what will happen after?

All I can do is try my best to describe my feelings to you.

I don’t want you to worry about me

because that means I will worry about you.

That leads to awkward laughter.

I feel like I am a cliff’s edge

like a cliff in Dover.

My name is Cliff, someone said to me once,

why not just drop over.

It’s awkward, yes, but what would you rather.

I am at cliff’s edge

and there is this pull for me to jump over

I don’t want to jump but I feel it pulling

I feel I have no control over my thoughts

but at least I do over my actions.

I am at my cliff’s edge

and the best thing for me to do

is to mindlessly fall over.

So there’s my ever after.


10 thoughts on “Mind Fall

  1. It’s a good thing we have control over our actions. Thoughts are harder for sure. But we can ask ourselves, is there another way to think about this, another possibility? Like that beautiful photo you chose for this post, we can choose how and where we look. I’m imagining gliding through that water in a kayak, or floating on a raft. No worries.

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  2. Being itself is a precipice. We dangle between here and there, between now and then. Each day we are poised in the balance and routine hides the magnitude of it. May you fly across this canyon, or chasm, or cliff, and into clean air…


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  3. The mind is full of worries and old sorrows. When we recognize that. And that our thinking is not the truth. Then we can step back and see a different step and something more. May it be so friend 🙏

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