Broken Glass


I am light-headed

I am faint of heart

I am walking to my local independent grocery store

and then the change of colours start

The road beneath me changes from tar to

sparkling broken glass

The sun above in sparkling

shining pure white like a noble gas

My mind is feeling good

more hopeful than before


my body is still fighting its war

I am partly cloudy

with occasional patches of sun

I have fought too many wars

and so many I have won

I am not done yet

I will sparkle like before

I am not done yet

I will sparkle in peace instead of war.

15 thoughts on “Broken Glass

  1. Yes! I’m smiling, now. Sometimes I feel weird and off balance for no apparent reason. Like this evening, I was feeling lightheaded and my legs felt rubbery, like low blood sugar symptoms, but it had not been that long since I’d eaten. We went to the beach and watched the moonlight sparkling on the water, and I felt so much better. I’m thankful we have discovered the magic medicine of water and light. Sometimes just getting outside and walking can make a big difference. Peace and hugs to you Harlon.

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    • Dear JoAnna, I always enjoy how you find things in my writing that perhaps weren’t as clear in my mind, I enjoy how you foster my words and thoughts and bring them to fruition. Yes, whether I knew it or not at the time, this posting was about the healing essence of water and light. Thanks for reminding me that in a complicated world, the simple pleasure of being in nature is so powerful. Hugs to you as well, Harlon

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