Pharmaceutical companies are coming out with expensive new drugs

because they fill a therapeutic gap

but I worked on an evidence-based Committee, I saw the data

and I know that’s a lot of crap.

“Me too” drugs was the phrase that we used

just to get a slice of the pie

or “line extensions”

just to extend the patent that is about to die.

Not to say there are efficacious products emerging

but they expect private & pubic drug programs to pay for them

because it promotes research, development and innovation

but most of the cost goes to marketing.

The more we spend on pills the less we have

for the other parts of healthcare, to go to other places

such as basic income, food security, longterm care

naturopathic medicine and  building affordable housing spaces.

If you could design a new drug

that’s best for you

what specifically

would you like it to do?