Pharmaceutical companies are coming out with expensive new drugs

because they fill a therapeutic gap

but I worked on an evidence-based Committee, I saw the data

and I know that’s a lot of crap.

“Me too” drugs was the phrase that we used

just to get a slice of the pie

or “line extensions”

just to extend the patent that is about to die.

Not to say there are efficacious products emerging

but they expect private & pubic drug programs to pay for them

because it promotes research, development and innovation

but most of the cost goes to marketing.

The more we spend on pills the less we have

for the other parts of healthcare, to go to other places

such as basic income, food security, longterm care

naturopathic medicine and  building affordable housing spaces.

If you could design a new drug

that’s best for you

what specifically

would you like it to do?

9 thoughts on “#Pharmacokinetics

    • Thanks JoAnna, I keep waiting for a turning point in healthcare, now that there is so much good scientific evidence that supports holistic alternatives. The barrier is they are not accessible. It’s a bit problem in Canada. With Universal Health Care, drugs are free, where as alternatives need to be paid. Many people who are unhealthy are on limited budgets so they have no choice but to choose the free alternative pills. I know for me, mindfulness has completely alleviated my pain flare ups, but without continued access to these therapies, I may have no choice but to fall back on Tylenol 3s. It’s a mess, I think, but one I think that is fixable.
      Fingers crossed.
      xo Harlon

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      • That’s wonderful that mindfulness has helped so much. I wonder if there are support groups that embrace mindfulness. If not, you could start one for reinforcement. Definitely fixable. Fingers crossed.

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  1. If I ruled the world I would slap the crap out of these pharmaceutical whore mongers. Today I paid over 200.00 for a new type of asthma inhalant. Out gov’t is poised to strip healthcare from over 90000 children under CHP. How can people be so heartless.

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    • Well, you have my support on this. Let the slapping begin! I just think that corporations that profit from people’s illnesses should be operating under a different code of conduct. Big pharma records huge profits, and when the fuck up, and they do, and they get caught, the fines are minimal compared to the profits they make. I don’t believe that their profit goes entirely to innovation which has always been their argument, it goes to shareholders, healthy shareholders profiting from the misfortune of others. Shameful!

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  2. Big Pharma. Awful. I’ve been down that road for my parents and myself. I wonder if there have been any actually helpful medications since Dr. Jonas Salk?! Years ago research scientists used to look and search for cures for life threatening diseases now a days Big Pharma wants Americans to be sick because they don’t make any money if you get well only if you stay sick.

    I would like to see some innovative mental health treatments that use nature, holistic herbs, meditation, creative pursuits such as art, photography and music along with medications. Yes medicine does pay a part but in my case this particular doctor gave me one medication for depression and like 8 medications to combat the side effects of the first drug. She handed out anti-depressants like they were candy! She was a Legal Drug Dealer!!

    That was years ago and now the State of New York requires all medical doctors to send the prescriptions straight to the person’s pharmacy via computer. No more paper prescription pads. That’s how bad the abuse was. And Yes the doctors were the main culprits. Many of them were running the drug game just filling out dozens if not hundreds of prescription pads making themselves rich and the patients sicker. Reminds me of the Curtis Mayfield song, I’m Your Pusher man.

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    • I absolutely agree with every word of your response, and I am grateful for your powerful voice. I can’t help but think that we are the silent majority. I’ve done advocacy work in this area for at least 10 years now, how do we make the silent majority the loud majority. It’s a challenge because who is going to fund us that fight for equality. xo Harlon


      • Thanks. True. I suppose it’s a grassroots effort. Social media helps in that it can put us in touch with like-minded people and those who are searching for alternative therapies. This is where blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google and even Instagram can give us a wider audience.

        I would also like to add that I believe hospitals, clinics, doctors, therapists and all mental health professionals should consider adding Vitamin Infusions such as Vitamin B injections and other essential vitamins as well as Nature, Gardening, visiting Botanic Gardens, Beaches and Green spaces.
        You have given me courage to explore this topic in depth on my writing blog. I shall prepare some blog posts for 2018.

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