Casting Shade


I saw you there

the other day

I looked at you

you looked away


I wasn’t good for you

you weren’t good for me

If I could go back

I’d have done things quite differently


We shared so much

I guess that was the problem

I got to know your dark side

and that’s what we had in common


We hid behind our lies

but I loved you

I guess that was

a stupid thing to do


And so it ended

as it should

but I didn’t erase you

but somehow you could


You made the choice

that I no longer exist

garbage on the curb

that somehow got missed


I saw you look my way

and you did so angrily

you once were self-loathing

now you’ve projected that on me


I saw you look at me

you were so near

you looked away

you made me disappear