Casting Shade


I saw you there

the other day

I looked at you

you looked away


I wasn’t good for you

you weren’t good for me

If I could go back

I’d have done things quite differently


We shared so much

I guess that was the problem

I got to know your dark side

and that’s what we had in common


We hid behind our lies

but I loved you

I guess that was

a stupid thing to do


And so it ended

as it should

but I didn’t erase you

but somehow you could


You made the choice

that I no longer exist

garbage on the curb

that somehow got missed


I saw you look my way

and you did so angrily

you once were self-loathing

now you’ve projected that on me


I saw you look at me

you were so near

you looked away

you made me disappear

11 thoughts on “Casting Shade

  1. Wow, what an incredible piece! I could definitely feel the situation through your eyes, the hopelessness and the lingering of what had been. I’m stunned by your writing talent 💙💜
    ~The Silent Wave Blog writer/Laina ❤️

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    • Thank you Laina, I appreciate your very kind words, I am not too sure if I am particularly talented but I guess one thing I learned to do, and blogging has helped, is to write from the heart – sometimes that’s not easy, sometimes it takes courage and sometimes it just comes out of nowhere. I appreciate the time you’ve spent on my blog and I have so much respect for the courage you have in sharing your experiences and the resiliency you demonstrate by facing life’s challenges. Hugs, Harlon


  2. While reading that, it really evoked emotion, which is what writing is all about. It brought about some past experiences I had gone through. Great writing!

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  3. It’s easier to end a relationship if you are angry at the person and think of them as garbage. It’s not the mature way to do it, and in your case, couldn’t be further from the truth because you are treasure, but some people resort to that. The value is in the opportunity to learn from every relationship.

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  4. I realize that out of desperation or a honeymoon stage that I gave a lot of people a lot more power than they deserved …kept dwelling on the failed attempt to bond with a Bozo …and it might sound terrible to refer to them as such but trust me I did not have high standards because I had too much shame and self-doubt so I aimed LOW lol ( but they were attractive) I guess

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