Beyond Beyond


I don’t want or need to go there

or be him

or have that.

I am happy where I am right now.

I know I will not always feel that way,

but I have cultivated a path that takes me there.

Removing the barriers; the accessibility to happiness.

I needed to cut away some of the weeds and tangled thoughts

that obstructed my view and sent me off course,

and I did so,

and I will continue to do so

in a way that is loving, kind, compassionate.

I will express myself with clarity

and add a touch of assertiveness,

and if things get difficult;

I stop.

Then start again.

Knowing I can go further, deeper


It’s not all about me.

It’s the now that I create

and I am happy with my now

for now.

And I.

I am to be continued.