Beyond Beyond


I don’t want or need to go there

or be him

or have that.

I am happy where I am right now.

I know I will not always feel that way,

but I have cultivated a path that takes me there.

Removing the barriers; the accessibility to happiness.

I needed to cut away some of the weeds and tangled thoughts

that obstructed my view and sent me off course,

and I did so,

and I will continue to do so

in a way that is loving, kind, compassionate.

I will express myself with clarity

and add a touch of assertiveness,

and if things get difficult;

I stop.

Then start again.

Knowing I can go further, deeper


It’s not all about me.

It’s the now that I create

and I am happy with my now

for now.

And I.

I am to be continued.


16 thoughts on “Beyond Beyond

  1. Beyonce definitely rounds out this spiraling movement we travel into and through the kaleidoscope of our human experience. You are one of my favorite tour guides, Harlon! Your writing sparkles with generosity and candor, which are two of my favorite traits…

    Peace, brother!

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  2. I love your authenticity, Harlon. Your loving self compassion and kindness radiates out and touches all of us. Thank you for sharing your continuing self with us.
    Peace right here, right now.

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    • Thank you Mary, what a beautiful comment, I got a bit misty from it – feeling the love and support and the joy, yes, the joy, I am feeling it right here, right now. Thank you for joining me on my path and doing a bit of weeding along the way. Love, Harlon

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