The Patient Experience #2: Comorbidities


They say that HIV/AIDS is now a chronic manageable condition; as long as you take your meds.

They say the same about pain. All you need is a strategy.

They are wrong.

They are both complex diseases of rejection,


there is no pill for that.

10 thoughts on “The Patient Experience #2: Comorbidities

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  2. Harlon, my friend,

    My wife and I were just commenting, “what the hell is going on!?” about the world these days. Seems everyone is in the midst of difficult transformation. We’re not in touch with the ground and we think if we were, it would be okay, but we can’t imagine what that ground would be. It doesn’t seem like it could be any good, anyway. But there’s some good people floating out here. And we’re thinking of you and admiring the courageous man that you are.


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  3. There’s always one more step
    even when you are rushing
    You have to constantly reminded
    No where does it say that there’s an easier softer way
    I can’t stand the taste of this medicine either my friend
    I hear you loud and clear
    We’ll fight together Harlon
    I’ll make you that promise
    As always Sheldon


  4. I wonder about their definition of manageable. Maybe they would benefit from your experience. But you taking care of you is most important. Very fitting photo.The flowers are beautiful even with the fly and the wilting.

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