I think I am doing it again.

Taking things a little too seriously.

November can do that to a person.

Bundled up, Wednesday morning, with my tea and watching autumn disappear from the flora.

Fauna gathering nuts for what lies ahead.

And asking myself:

“Do I need to fall in love and be loved in return to have a meaningful life?”

Am I nuts?

What do I gather from all of this?

17 thoughts on “Hibernantion

  1. You’re not nuts, and I often take myself too seriously. While waiting for romantic love, I loved myself. And my dogs. Dogs are good for unconditional love. Like God. So love might be necessary for happiness, but it doesn’t have to be romantic love and you don’t have to fall. 😉 You are already loved, my friend. And I have a feeling more love is on the way.

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  2. I love the froggy. 🙂

    No, you are not nuts.

    Do you need to fall in love and be loved in return to be happy? Hm. I don’t know you well enough to answer this. :-/

    I do know from my personal experience, while those things are beautiful and magical, they are not necessarily synonymous with true inner happiness.

    But, I also know that if given the chance to fall in love, I think I’d do it every time, regardless of the outcome. ❥

    A wonderful question from a brilliant mind!

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    • And what a wonderful comment from a beautiful woman. I think I am good with the inner happiness thing, for me it’s more a matter of living in a world that seems to be getting crazier by the moment – and romantic love for me as amazing as that would, and I agree, I’d take that chance regardless of the income – yet, there is that need for companionship, for affection, for pillow talk.

      Maybe I should just get a dog. 🙂

      So glad and honoured to have you on my side – that wasn’t meant to me an innuendo 🙂




      • I understand completely! No innuendo taken, my dear friend!

        Omg, it’s snowing on your page!!! I love it! Just please keep it shoveled. If it piles up, I won’t be able to see you! :o))))

        Do you mind if I copy you on the snow thing? I think it’s so neat and I will definitely give you a shout out for giving me the idea! It’s such a beautiful treat to see!

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        • It’s a bit embarrassing, I didn’t actually create the snow on my page, it must be some WordPress feature that just showed up today – or maybe it’s a Canadian thing. Either way, go for it!

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          • lol! omg, you are SO lucky!!!

            it might be a built in plugin. alas, I checked, I don’t think I can do it since my site does not allow plugins! boo hiss boo!

            well, don’t be embarrassed, please! it’s a neat effect! 🙂

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  3. The song ‘Nature Boy’ by the late, great Nat King Cole has a rather poignant lyric, the final line…”The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, Is just to love and be loved in return”

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    • Now that’s rather uncanny, I had considered inserting a YouTube video of that song. I agree the line is particularly poignant and relevant. Great minds think alike? xo Harlon


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