Stand with me

against the wind

behind the tree.

The owl that sees in the dark

in the world’s dormancy

experiencing the world

I wonder what does he see?

The elder says

what will be will be,

yet I find hope can fall

like a brick from a balcony.

My fear of heights has been healed

because you flew with me

and I remember the letter

you wrote recently.

You said all I had to do

was for me to be me.

A feather as a bookmark;

you are part of my history.

That’s what happens

when you stand with me.

Artwork by Bo Davey:

17 thoughts on “Prompted

  1. So much to love about this piece! Owls are very dear to me as our Tennis team was named “The Hooters,” not for reasons that relate to the restaurant chain, but because on our way to districts we passed a garage sale and one of our teammates screamed “STOP!! I need those Hooters!” There were two “giant” ceramic owls…I’m talking 3ft tall by at least 2ft each. She brokered a deal and then I was left to figure out how to fit them in a Toyota Tercel with 4 women and their tennis gear!! Great memory 😉

    But I love the power behind the message and it seems you respect this elder who so obviously knows you well! And the art is incredible…I thought it was a carving at first! Who is Bo…and I wonder what artistic expression is lying dormant in your soul???
    Much love ♡♡

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    • Hi Lorrie, well I am Bo…aka, Harlons brother. I love your comment about artistic expression in my soul. You have no idea. At 55 years old, through many lifelong battles of my own…I am counting on it coming out. Trying to figure out my own website and story to tell at boslifeinart. Unfortunatly this artist with a degree in math and computer science does not appreciate technology. Much love is right…for all of us. For now you can view my past works of art on facebook in my painting album, but what is emerging now is the story…just as you predicted.

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      • Hi Bo! I am so delighted to meet you, my dear friend Harlon’s brother! So the longing of your soul keeps you up at night wishing to express itself through your hands?? Welcome to the club, Bo. It is the most exciting time of life when we connect to that inner voice and realize there is a story to tell!
        I understand your comment about technology, though I try not to admit to my shortcomings out loud…something about it hitting the airwaves and all.
        I look forward to watching your story unfold 🙂

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  2. Lovely poem, Harlon, and a beautiful owl painting from another of the talented Davey’s!

    I have to say the image you gave of seeing through the darkness, where others cannot, was powerful in this piece. There is a great deal that lives just out of sight I think, within us, and all around us.

    Peace, my friend!

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  3. It’s a gift to have someone “stand” or simply be present with us. I don’t know your intention Harlon, but this could be a tribute to standing in unity and observance of Standing Rock or the other messy situations in the US and world right now. peace…

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