Renewable Energy?


We’re not watching the pot so the water is boiling.

We reap but we do not sow, the soil is eroding.

We want more power so the night sky is glowing.

We keep the skyscrapers lit, the birds don’t know where they’re going.

We encroach into nature and the forests are burning.

We are too many people and the land is sliding.

We want more space so habitats are fragmenting.

We can’t get along so carcasses are all that’s decomposing.

We’re in a give and take relationship that isn’t functioning.

We’ve gone too far without really even knowing.

We ought to stay still for a moment and hear the trees talking.

We would hear them talk, they are sharing a warning.

We are hearing a hum and it is the sound of the earth crying.

We want the wrong kind of change and the glaciers are melting.

We are humans but we are not really being.

We hesitate and the loss is devastating.

We turn the other cheek to a world that is drowning.

Heaven could be a place on earth but it’s getting tired of waiting.

20 thoughts on “Renewable Energy?

  1. Mindful poetry emanating pure awareness not just thoughts like leaves falling from the branches of a tree standing still observing it all. This speaks to the heart and soul of what is…hug and kiss Thank you, Har.

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  2. Agreed Harlon. We need to dramatically improve our actions to align with sustainable, harmonious living. I’ve recently learned about Molten Salt Reactors. They seem to have none of the problems of current nuclear energy.


  3. We’ve long been takers rather than givers where mother earth is concerned. It’s time to wake up and stop being selfish, our descendants deserve to see the beauty we’ve seen. Time to start some repairs if it’s not too late, all the while apologising for the rape we’ve committed for years.


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