La Vie Quotidienne

Am I living

or am I just being kept alive?

21 thoughts on “La Vie Quotidienne

  1. it’s a constant struggle
    To find a balance
    I wish it was easier
    But that’s why there are more casualties
    Than the soldier who fights
    The good fight
    In some cases the checks and
    Balances don’t weight out
    But if you accept the challenge
    And win the struggle
    The pay off you’ll see
    Is worth all the fight
    “From one who knows
    To one who question”
    As Sheldon Always

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  2. Harlon, have you read any of Annie Lamott books? They had been very healing for me. She just published “Hallelujah Anyway” and I just finished reading her “Stitches”. She writes about struggle with self acceptance, alcoholism, addiction, death, loss, connection and faith and grace after all…
    Peace to you,

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  3. It is an every day question for me…
    without “modern” medicine I would have been long gone.

    Am I a mad science experiment?
    Is it “enough” to believe the medical profession’s experiences with me will help to further their knowledge and thereby help others in the future?

    I am grateful for your voice Harlon- patient or not, in this moment, and hope in that small way I can help to make the next step you take, in whichever direction, (as I’ve learned to trust this voice of yours) that much easier.

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