Add Nauseum and Stir

How come airplanes don’t fall from the sky?

How come that sometimes I feel so good,

that I am riding a natural high?

How come they can keep flight paths so clear?

How come sometimes I feel that disaster is so near?

21 thoughts on “Add Nauseum and Stir

  1. I love this. Last night on the PBS NewsHour they featured our new poet laureate here in the United States. All of you poets are magnificent masters of language!
    Sometimes the TSA wants to take away my white cane before boarding… I’ve had 500 hours of mobility/cane training which included self-defense… if necessary, I can take down an elephant. 👍🐘👍

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    • You sound like my new favourite action hero. Do you come in the form of a bobblehead yet? (Is the elephant included?). You action-packed friend,
      Harlon (wait, that sounds weird – action-packed….never mind).

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      • LOL! I shouldn’t disparage elephants because they should be left alone and their environment preserved… I say that because here in the United States We have basically paved over and plundered our portion of the continent… amazingly, greedy cranky Republicans still yell at children to get off their lawns…

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        • I agree, we are better off when we don’t get involved with nature because we inevitably fuck it up. Although our leader is younger and better looking than yours (yes, I am Canadian) we are not that dissimilar when it comes to paving paradise and putting up parking lots.
          Hold on, I’m getting a call….I think it might be Justin Trudeau, or hopefully Elephants Are Us….damn call display don’t fail me now.

          🙂 Harlon

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  2. Liked this. I ask the same questions, Harlon. Some say it is just practice, some say it is being ok with falling, some say it is the way they carry the load that makes the difference. Last night at a folk concert I heard this song by our local Nolan McKelvey:

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