Pills, Pills, Pills

Dear Ontario Government

I want to thank you for paying for my pills

all my ARVs, narcotics, opiates and benzodiazepines

because I know that you mean well

because when you pay for my pills

it’s not about health outcomes, it’s about cheap thrills.

And what about my naturopathic and dental bills?

Can you pay my internet bill?

Can you make my housing affordable?

What about my cellular service provider bill?

Then maybe I could just chill

and I could actually get well.

I am sorry but it is true

and what does that say about you?

I would be so much better if you do

and I think you would be too.

Dear Ontario Government

thank you for paying for my pills.

11 thoughts on “Pills, Pills, Pills

  1. The introduction of “psych meds for everyday use” like minor anxiety issues and age-related issues has put an end to critical thinking as we used to know it… More and more people are finding it difficult to say “no” to absurdities… but then again, there is a downside to everything.

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  2. Ha! I know nothing about the Ontario government per se, but I do know something about the Powers That Be in general. They just love paying for the opiates of the people because they dull the senses of said people and thereby render them less threatening to those very same Powers That Be. They don’t want to keep us healthy or happy. They only want to keep us numb.

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