Have fun with your life

don’t let anyone undo that.

Make Bob Mackie gowns out of towels

or wear a necklace of pearls

and smile and laugh as you do it.

There is more to this world than just boys and just girls,

it’s time that we all embrace that.

Be good to yourself

and to everyone else.

Feel good about yourself

and everyone else

and if you feel you can’t do it

ask for support if you need help

because everyone has the right to be themself.

We all deserve respect

and we all have room for compassion,

and at the end of the day

remember to be grateful for all that happens.

If we all took pride in ourselves and everyone else

this world could be wonderful,

true and not false.

19 thoughts on “Pride

  1. It’s never easy to look and feel
    Let alone at your best
    People now a days are very insensitive
    And write checks that their
    Mouth can’t cash
    I’ve been in the vortex of
    The vacuum of life
    For way to Long
    If you come in contact
    With someone who doesn’t have a life
    Just smile and move out there way
    Great post
    As Sheldon Always

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    • Thanks, the writing was inspired by a friend of mine who is celebrating Pride in San Diego. I think every day should be Pride Day, pride for everybody. ๐Ÿ™‚ Peace, Harlon

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