A New Day Begins

I need to be honest.

I can only be true.

As we start a New Year, I doubt my Mother will live it through.

And then, as often I forget about me,

I am not living this next year confidently.

It all may be over,

it all may come to an end,

I guess that’s life.

The beginning

and the end.

23 thoughts on “A New Day Begins

  1. I tend to write about the difficult, I find it good therapy. I think, like most of us, parts of life have been difficult, and I perhaps I’ve had more than my fair share, but there is also the parts that are beautiful, the moments where I connect with being alive. Peace, Harlon


  2. It’s hard to let go, especially when you’ve been so close to her, taking care of her. My father did this for my mother. I was worried about how he would do after her death, but he surprised me and lived several more productive years. Now they are both together which is as it should be. I didn’t know I would grieve so much for both of them at the same time, but I have felt their presence telling me that it’s okay, that they are okay, and wishing me well. I hope your mother will be ready and know when it’s her time. In the meantime, please enjoy the moments of peace and the memories as they can give you strength and light. And please get support from family and friends. ASK for help when you need it. ASK if someone can just listen if that’s what you need. And we will be here, too. I’m asking God to send angels to comfort you and your mother with peace. Hugs and prayers are on the way.

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  3. I know what it is to be torn as you watch a loved one get sicker and weaker. You want them to live but on the other hand you don’t want to continue seeing them suffer or be in pain. You know your mother’s situation better than anyone else. You know what the doctors have said about her condition. You can never really prepare yourself for what’s coming but if you have siblings, friends or cousins who can stay with you or spend time with you that helps. I also read my Bible and prayed every day. You need a support system to lift you up. Yes I understand the reality of the situation. You and your Mom are in my thoughts and prayers.

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  4. Its usually the creamy stuff in the middle that makes it all worthwhile,its the little stuff sometimes that puts a smile on our face that otherwise there would be none
    We go through so much and when its over there’s this huge void and we don’t have a way immediate way to fill it hence the beginning and the end,Harlon just hang in there when you least expect it something will appear As Sheldon Always

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