Frame Of Mind

I feel contained about my mindset because it doesn’t seem to fit into my mindframe.

I know I could be doing better, I know I could be doing more, but that’s not just within my mindset. I am doing what I can. I am contained in my own mind. I am doing what I need to do. I could be doing worse, I could be doing less. I have my own frame of mind. I am not doing nothing, but sometimes I am not doing anything at all.

Every day is a new snapshot and sometimes it may look like I am living in a still frame world, but things are always moving, things just don’t always have to move a lot or make a big noise. Yet, if I need to cry I will.  If I want to sleep I will.  In my mind I seem so far away from everyone, yet in my mind I can hear it every now and then, like I am part of a “hum”.

In my frame of mind, in my mindset, I think it’s good to leave space and time for distractions.

Well that’s just it really, really it’s just me. I am just trying.

I am trying hard to colour within the lines.

It’s just my frame of mind.

13 thoughts on “Frame Of Mind

  1. It sounds good, Harlon. I don’t know if I’d worry about coloring inside the lines, but staying inside the frame makes some sense. 🙂 At least you’re coloring, and that’s a beautiful thing.


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    • I am still lingering at my family home, it’s so hard for me to say goodbye to what has always been my safe place. I will be moving to my new place over the next few weeks – which ultimately is exciting, it is going to be a new start to a new life, but it’s also stressful as moving is in general – and it will be weird to no longer have what I called “home” – that safe place I could go to if I needed full of unconditional love.
      Change is a bothersome thing sometimes, but ultimately it can’t be avoided. xo Harlon

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  2. This feels right and wise: “…things just don’t always have to move a lot or make a big noise. Yet, if I need to cry I will. If I want to sleep I will.” Sounds like you are exactly where you need to be – taking care of yourself and what needs to be done at your own pace. You’ve been through a lot. Slow and steady is often the best way. Sending hugs and healing light to you, dear Harlon.

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