In the middle of everything

in the middle of nothing at all

somewhere in the middle I find myself

and I am standing and I am crying.

I am standing in the hall.

I am waiting for the fall.

Walk through the fire, you may get burned.

Swim in the water and you might find yourself drowned.

I let the emotions surround me

I let them run over me

and I find myself asking “why?”

but I stop myself.

I am just standing here

minding my own business.

I’m sad that what is around me will all soon be gone.

Sad is just what I am feeling from where I am standing in the middle of right now.


26 thoughts on “Elementary

  1. That’s just it Harlon in the middle of now..i cry too Harlon and I ask the same questions and I’m still waiting for an answer


    • It’s funny JoAnna that you should put my thoughts into the context of Mindfulness – it often feels that I am not doing things right or I could be doing a better job of it all, but I am just being mindful of what I am feeling and letting that be what is real and the rest I think just falls into place – thanks for the kind reminder that I think I’m OK. And I am OK with that. xo Harlon

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    • Thank you Eric, and I agree, it is having this of support, in many forms, and trusting that I can reach out and that others will reach out to me that creates that web of support, and with that support I think things are just better; richer, deeper. What is that expression? No man is an island. Well, I am glad that I am not an island and I am grateful for all the wonderful people (virtual included) that help make me feel like I am a “continent”. 🙂 That sounds funny after I type it but I think you get the point. Hugs Harlon

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  2. The dull sites around you will soon have light, happy voices and sun on you checks. I was at the hospital today for falling down stairs. Plenty damage to heal but I was blessed by the biggest blessing, I didn’t break my neck. Both of us have to take life slow, we’ll have a chance to heal. Sending love.

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    • Thank you. Misery loves company doesn’t feel like the best expression, I like how you put it “to the strength and unknown journey our loved ones are on”. Thank you for that, it was a nice sparkle to my day. I appreciate our connection. Hugs, Harlon

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    • I think sometimes there is beauty in sadness. I just want to make sure I don’t dwell there too long. Here’s to a change of scenery! Wouldn’t it be nice to be walking through a park holding hands and talking. Now that thought makes me happy. Thank you Stella, always. xoxo Harlon

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    • Thanks. Is it just me or do you find this time of year a bit testing – I hope you at least got to enjoy some splendid autumn colours, there’s nothing like a beautiful autumn day. It’s the grey and the dark that I could live without. Hugs, Harlon


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