Dialysis As An Analogy

In my blood are intuition and instincts and the things that I have gone through.  I have absorbed them all and I am absorbed by them.

The machine takes the blood from me, and after I process what is happening, the machine processes my blood and returns it to me; clean.

My blood is my knowledge, my values.  They become shared.

The noise in the background is my purpose; it is trying to find me.  I hear it’s sound, feel it’s present.  The noise is the machine; the noise is my blood; the noise is trying to find me.

I am my blood.


The machine keeps processing. I become cleaner.


12 thoughts on “Dialysis As An Analogy

  1. This reminds me of metamorphosis and how frightening or confusing conditions can lead to awakening to something better. I like how you are in the process – listening, waiting, knowing something is there. Keep the faith, Harlon! We are with you!

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  2. Life and love is all around you Harlon. We gather around as you heal and gather your strength. You sound more positive than in a long time, you’ve overcome one bump in the road and working on overcoming this bump to. Your inner strength and thirst for life will pull you thru. Lots of prayers never hurt either. Hugs. M

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